Where To Buy Pizza Ingredients in the Philippines

Where To Buy Pizza Ingredients in the Philippines

This article provides information on where to buy pizza ingredients in the Philippines. It also discusses in detail the basic pizza ingredients. After reading this article you will be equipped with the knowledge on the best flour used for making authentic Italian pizza, the right amount of salt, water, and the right type of yeast.

So, you are looking for pizza ingredients in the Philippines? But do you already have enough knowledge about the essential ingredients of an authentic Italian pizza: flour, yeast, water, and salt?

Let’s discuss each of these pizza ingredients in detail.


The type of flour used makes a huge difference when making pizza.

It’s important to note that there are two species of wheat most commonly used to make flour.  The first one is Triticum aestivum or bread wheat.   The other one is durum wheat or Triticum turgidum.  Flour made from durum wheat is called semolina.

There are many types of flour, but many bakers and pizza connoisseurs use type 00 flour, specifically Caputo 00.  Some also prefer 5 Stagioni.  But other brands are of similar or maybe even better quality. 

Another type of flour used in making pizza is called Manitoba or “0” wheat flour. Manitoba flour is a strong flour with high protein content. It has remarkable water absorption, making it ideal for the production of dough that’s both soft and tenacious. Here at LuCa Italian Corner we carry the Molino Oddo Manitoba Flour.

If you’ve been making pizza for a while using bread flour, it might not taste quite like the ones from your favorite Italian pizzeria. The secret ingredient (well, it’s not so secret among Italians, really) is semolina flour. Renowned chef Jamie Oliver uses it in his basic pizza recipe. You may find our own version here: Italian Pizza Dough Recipe: Quick and Easy.

Durum wheat semolina is more commonly used in making pasta.  If you ever wondered why pasta is yellow, it’s because semolina is more golden in color compared to all-purpose flour.

Many bakers in Italy use semolina to give their bread an earthy aroma. It’s a great addition to your pizza dough recipe for that exact reason. If you try it, you’ll find that your pizza crust will be a lot tastier! You may get the Molino Oddo Durum Wheat Semolina here at LuCa Italian Corner.

To find out more about semolina flour, read Where to Buy Semolina Flour in the Philippines


Water is arguably the most underrated ingredient in pizza-making. It is crucial to keep in mind the quantity, quality, and temperature of the water when making pizza dough.

The amount of water you use affects the hardness or softness of your pizza dough. For a hard dough, your water must be equal to or less than half the weight of your flour.  But a great pizza dough is typically soft, so water has to be more than 65% of the flour weight.  However, the quantity of water would also depend on the temperature and the type of flour used.

Water temperature also needs to be considered.  The wrong temperature could make the dough lose its shape, or it could become acidic.

You also need to consider the amount of mineral salts in your water.  Moderately hard water is best for pizza dough.  This means the water has to have just enough minerals to help the yeasts grow.


There are a few types of yeast used for making pizza.

  • Fresh brewer’s yeast – This type of yeast is also called fresh active yeast. It’s the most commonly used type of yeast in many Italian pizzerias.
  • Dry yeast powder – This is the dehydrated version of fresh active yeast. It can be stored longer and are therefore preferred by those who travel a lot.
  • Wild yeast – Also called a sourdough starter, wild yeast can add a more complex texture and flavor to your pizza dough.
  • Instant yeast – This is the easiest type of yeast to use because you won’t need to rehydrate it before using. You just need to make sure that it does not come in direct contact with cold temperatures such as water.


Salt is another crucial ingredient in making pizza.  Salt gives flavor to the dough, but there are other reasons it’s essential in many baking recipes.

For one, salt acts as a preservative. It keeps the bacteria away, thereby preventing the formation of molds.

Salt also absorbs water, keeping the dough from being too sticky but more elastic. The wrong amount of salt could make your crust either too flat or too thick.

Pizza Toppings

The pizza dough plays a considerable part in the overall taste of the pizza.  But many of us love this Italian marvel because of the toppings.

The modern pizza that we love today evolved from the inexpensive flatbread topped with just garlic, salt, and lard. Other original versions had grated caciocavallo cheese and cecenielli.

Later on, tomatoes were added to many pizza recipes. The tomatoes grown in Naples are sweet because of the volcanic soil. In Italy, tomatoes are called pomi d’oro or golden apples.

These days, pizza has many different names depending on the toppings used.  But tomatoes remain as one of the key ingredients.  Some classic Italian pizza includes:

  • Pizza Margherita – tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.
  • Pizza ai Quattro Formaggi – tomatoes and four kinds of cheese
  • Pizza Marinara – tomatoes and garlic
  • Pizza Napoletana – tomatoes, anchovies, capers, oregano, and olives
  • Pesto Pizza – pesto, mozzarella, and tomatoes
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Where to Buy Pizza Ingredients in The Philippines

If you’re wondering where to buy pizza ingredients in the Philippines, look no further. LuCa Italian Corner is a trusted Italian food supplier based in Cebu City, Philippines. Luca and Caterina founded the company in 2017 to give local restaurants, retailers, and wine aficionados access to authentic Italian products.

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