Cantine Bianchi Amaro Segesta 1L


An unmistakable and unique blend obtained from maceration in alcohol of more than twenty herbs and local essences according to a recipe jealously guarded for more than 50 years.

It is recommended as an aperitif, served cold with ice, at the end of the meal as a digestive or as a pleasant drink at any time of the day.

With Amaro Segesta the ancient and unique rite of the best Sicilian conviviality is staged.

In 1958, in a small workshop in the center of Marsala, Vito Giannone, wine technician of the artisan company Virtus, created Amaro Segesta, an amiable liqueur, an unmistakable and unique blend that comes from a recipe jealously guarded and handed down from generation to generation. Since 2007 Amaro Segesta and Virtus have been owned by cantine BIANCHI, an ancient and historic distillery in Marsala, known on the territory for creating the great Grappas of Sicily and the fabulous Brandy “Leone Bianchi”. The WHITE Cellars produce and market the historic Amaro Segesta without having varied anything from the ancient recipe of enot. Vito Giannone. For the BIANCHI family the Amaro Segesta” is a tribute to our territory, at an unchanged angle over time.


The Sicilian bitter par excellence, is obtained from more than twenty medicinal herbs, in a recipe jealously guarded for over half a century. Excellent digestive, it has such taste and versatility as to make it ideal and unusual as an aperitif, or as a pleasant drink, also served cold with ice.



  • 2/4 Amaro Segesta
  • 2/4 Toned Schweppes
  • Cubed lime
  • Cane sugar



In a glass beat the lime cubes with the brown sugar and add ice, pour the 2/4 of Amaro Segesta and then the 2/4 of tonic schweppes, mix everything with a spoon bar, garnish the cup with half a strawberry or slice of lime