Barilla Whole Wheat Farfalle 500g


The fullest flavor and the perfect consistency are the results of the delicate grinding method, which preserves all the goodness of wheat, 100% Italian.

Among the most cheerful shapes in the kitchen, Barilla Integrale Butterflies are inspired by the lightness and liveliness of nature, bringing color and imagination to the table. Their smooth and delicate surface reveals itself on the palate through a different consistency between the thicker central part and the two ends. This particular shape makes them particularly suitable for light and delicate seasonings.


Tasty pasta salads. To enhance the liveliness of wholemeal butterflies try them with cherry tomatoes, leek, basil and mozzarella. You will get a simply tasty dish. If you are looking for a more imaginative idea, try them with a dressing based on shrimp and saffron, for an exotic combination that will amaze your guests.

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