Gergenti Grecanico Spumante 750ml

Gergenti Grecanico Spumante 750ml


 Sicilian bubbles made from the unique grecanico grape. Perfect bubbles for New Year’s Eve!

Sicilian viticulture is unique to Sicily: many different types of land on hillsides, close to the sea, with vineyards located a few meters from the shoreline or near volcanoes. Gergentis wines are composed of grapes from several different wineries, and therefore give a unique taste, structure and body. Gergenti has made a number of more well-known wines, all of which have a good reputation. This one is a bit of a ‘hidden gem’, and really provides good value for money.

Grecanico spumante is produced in the Marsala area on 100% grecanico grapes.
The grapes are hand-picked in August and then pressed softly. The fruit is decanted in steel tanks under a stable temperature of 18°C. During the next fermentation, the grapes remain in steel tanks to achieve a gentle and consistent result.

The sparkling wine has a beautiful, straw yellow color with velvety bubbles. The smell is very fruity but nicely balanced. The taste is intense with notes of citrus and tropical fruits with a gentle, bitter aftertaste.

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