Best Flour for Pizza Dough

Best Flour for Pizza Dough: 2 Flour Types You Need

The best flour for pizza dough is the one that makes it chewy but also gives it a bit of crunch. When you use the wrong flour, your pizza can become too brittle, too thin, or too thick and spongy.

With about 350 slices eaten every second worldwide, pizza is certainly one of the world’s most favorite food. It can be found almost in every corner of the Earth. This dough-based treat is loved by everyone, kids and adults alike. It can be served during an informal get-together, as street food, or even at parties.

Yes, you heard it right. Pizza party! And it doesn’t even need to be too casual. A pizza party can be classy and stylish too if you don’t scrimp on the toppings and use your finest serving pieces. A Christmas pizza party may just become your favorite yearly tradition with your family.

But first, you need to know how to make the perfect pizza.

We have previously shared our Italian pizza dough recipe. It uses the following types of flour which we believe are the best flour for pizza dough:

An all-purpose flour should work well when making pizza dough. But the Manitoba flour is the best choice for making the classic Italian pizza. because of its strength, high protein content, and water absorption capabilities. It also has high glutenin and gliadin content that helps make the dough elastic, making it ideal for recipes that require long leavening times.

Durum Wheat Semolina, on the other hand, is a coarse flour with a pale yellow color derived from grinding hard durum wheat. Semolina is the best flour for pizza dough because it makes the pizza crust crunchier and keeps it from sticking to the peel. You can also use semolina for dusting. It will not char easily compared to all-purpose flour.

There are various recipes for pizza dough. And none can be considered the classic or the ultimate or the best. What matters when choosing the best flour for pizza dough is to know what kind of pizza crust you like.

That being said, our recipe for pizza dough has satisfied our expectations consistently and has given us the kind of pizza that we like.

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