Where to Buy 00 Flour in the Philippines

Where to Buy 00 Flour in the Philippines

If you like baking bread, biscuits, and other pastries, then you must know where to buy 00 flour in the Philippines. It is a special flour that you will rarely find in your local grocery stores.

Most home cooks don’t need to have this special flour in their pantry, but if you have a pizzeria, we recommend stocking up on 00 flour if you aren’t doing that already. It can be difficult to find where to buy 00 flour in the Philippines.

What is 00 Flour?

00 flour is a super fine flour that is a staple in making Italian pizza. Thought it’s very soft, it has an impressive protein content between 8-12%. They make your pizza crust so deliciously chewy.

The usual bread flour is good enough when you’re making pizza dough or homemade pasta. But if you want to make a perfect thin-crust pizza, you must never go without the fine-ground 00 flour. This flour just creates a more elegant and delicate dough for your pizza.

“00” refers to the fineness of the flour. 00 is the finest grade of flour in Italy. It is as fine as baby powder.

Can I use plain flour instead of 00 flour for pasta?

You can use plain all-purpose flour when making pasta. It all depends on the type of pasta you are going to make. The three types of flour you can use for pasta-making are all-purpose flour, semola flour, and 00 flour. For the best results mix a small amount of semola flour and the finer 00 flour. Dusting your work surface with semola will also add a delightful texture to your pasta.

All-purpose flour is fine when making lasagna and spaghetti. When making ravioli, it is best to use 00 flour or semola flour to give it that beautiful yellow color and make it hold together and not break apart. 00 flour is perfect for making tagliatelle.

What is the difference between 00 flour and all-purpose flour?

Although 00 flour has a similar protein content to all-purpose flour, it produces a noticeably different texture in your baked product. All-purpose flour is a combination of both hard and soft wheat. You can substitute all-purpose flour for 00 flour but it will be chewier rather than crispy.

There have been many attempts to find a substitute for 00 flour, but none of them works the same. A pizza dough must never be made without 00 flour. Combining both all-purpose flour and 00 flour will yield a pizza dough that is both chewy and crispy – perfect! Do yourself a favor and order it online today!

Here at LuCa Italian Corner, we have Molino Oddo Soft Wheat 00 Flour.

Molino Oddo is a top-quality producer of all sorts of flour in Sicily since 1974. They are located in Valderice, a town in North-Western Sicily. Their extensive experience in the industry makes them one of the best sources of baking products that are safe for those who have food intolerances such as celiac disease.

Where to Buy 00 Flour in the Philippines?

Where to buy 00 flour in the Philippines? LuCa Italian Corner, of course! We are a trusted Italian food supplier based in Cebu City, Philippines. We aim to give local restaurants, retailers, and wine aficionados access to authentic Italian products.