Catarratto Pinot Grigio

Catarratto is not a very known variety of wine , it only grows in specific area of Italy , to be precise in Sicily. This white wine have a sparkling and refreshing flavor ,mild acid, with notes of citrus , on the other hand we have the Pinot Grigio also Italian variety ,but growing most in the norther part of the peninsula , dry with notes of pear and nectarine .So some Sicilian winery have made a well mixed of those extraordinary grapes, like the Musita Farah ,with a straw yellow color and sometimes with greenish reflections, it combines the aromatic
sensations of flowers and citrus fruits with a lively mouth but with a soft, persistent and
elegant finish. Farah pairing best with seafood , aged cheese and white meat. Italian distributor like us are proud to introduce the unicity of Farah in the Philippines, perfect mix for those who are open to new taste and culture around the world. Farah line of wines is called Mori or Teste di Mori in English Moor`s head .

Do you know the legend of the Teste di Moro ?

You can read the two version of the legend here .Enjoy the reading