Wholesale Italian Food Supplier

The Ingredients You Need to Buy Only from a Wholesale Italian Food Supplier

A wholesale Italian food supplier in the Philippines is the best place to get your ingredients for your Italian restaurant or pizza parlor. The different regions of Italy take pride in the production of local food products like pasta, ham, cheese, oil, and tomatoes. If you really want to achieve the authentic flavors of Italy, using ingredients that aren’t originally from Italy is a huge mistake.

Each region in Italy is loyal to its recipes, ingredients, and specialties. The truth is, if you ask an Italian to describe Italian cuisine, they’re most likely going to tell you about Sicilian, Neapolitan, Tuscan, Milanese, Roman, or Bolognese cooking. Italian cuisine is really the cooking of the various regions. These regions have distinct cooking styles. One is different from the others.

That being said, Italians use some common ingredients in their ingredients. You can get these ingredients from wholesale Italian food suppliers like LuCa Italian Corner.

Top 5 Products to Buy from a Wholesale Italian Food Supplier in the Philippines

Acciughe or Anchovies

Of all the components of Italian cooking, only a few are bolder than anchovy. It has an exceptional flavor, but it’s also very much adaptable. For instance, chopping them and adding to a roast enhances the flavor of the meat. It can also be added to pasta sauce or simply top it on pizza and cover with melted mozzarella to delight your tastebuds. In Piedmont, you can’t make bagna càuda without anchovies.

The best anchovies come from Sicily and the region of Calabria. For the best flavor, opt for jarred anchovies in olive oil.

Aceto Balsamico or Balsamic Vinegar

Just north of Bologna, you will find Modena. It’s the province where the balsamic vinegar of Italy is produced. Balsamic vinegar is the concentrated sweet juice of white grapes that were fermented in barrels.

The best balsamic vinegar has a deep, rich brown color. It tastes sweet and sour at the same time. For guaranteed quality, always look for Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena on the label.

Use it as a dressing for your favorite salad. It’s especially good with fresh strawberries. Add to meat, poultry, fish, and vegetable dishes for that extra kick.

Olio d’oliva extra vergine or Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is another Italian cooking ingredient that is best purchased from a reputable wholesale Italian food supplier. So much of the available extra-virgin olive oil in local supermarkets are not the real thing. Olive oil is one of those food products with a rich history of counterfeiting.

Arguably the finest Italian olive oils are those produced in Veneto. But others from Liguria, Tuscany, and Umbria are great as well.


Italian pasta comes in so many shapes and sizes. But the most familiar are spaghetti, fusilli, penne, rigatoni, and farfalle. Authentic Italian pasta uses high-quality flour, which is absolutely important in the overall quality of the finished product.

Pomodori or Tomatoes

There are thousands of tomato varieties, but not all are good enough to make into pasta or pizza sauce. This is why if you’re going to cook Italian dishes, it’s best to get your tomato products from a trusted wholesale Italian food supplier in the Philippines.

Datterini tomatoes, for example, are the kind that are bread specifically for making canned tomato sauces. They have more solid content and have fewer locules than our local tomatoes, which make them ideal for processing. San Marzano tomatoes, meanwhile, have fewer seeds than your typical tomatoes. They are also famous for their balanced sweetness and acidity.

These are just a few of the various Italian ingredients you need for an authentic Italian dish. You can get them at Luca Italian Corner, a trusted wholesale Italian food supplier in the Philippines.