Best wines to enjoy with your best friends

Best Wines to Enjoy with Your Best Friend

After the year we went through, we deserve to just enjoy a glass or two with our best friends.

We still don’t know when this pandemic will end. Uncertainty is still around us. So it’s more than okay to look for comfort and happiness once in a while. One way to do so is to get a bottle of wine and enjoy a good laugh with our friends at home.

Here are some wines that are best when shared with the ones you love and care about:

Musìta Amàl Syrah
Musìta Amàl Syrah

Syrah wines are popular for their full body. It’s a bit similar to Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. So if you like those, then you’d love Musìta Amàl Syrah.

This wine is famous for it strong cherry flavor that fades into notes of savory incensed spices.

Tip: Create your own charcuterie board filled with strong cheese like burrata and cheddar. Pair it with lechon or pork barbecue. If you’re vegan, try it alongside mushroom stroganoff, eggplant omelet, eggplant gyros, or vegan jambalaya.

Cantine Paolini Gurgo Spumante Brut 750ml
Cantine Paolini Gurgo Spumante Brut

Spumante is a type of Italian sparkling wine. The word spumante itself translates into sparkling wine in English. Spumante wines can come from any grape variety.

The Cantine Paolini Gurgo Spumante Brut, in particular, is made of 60% catarratto, 20% zibibbo, and 20% grillo. It’s a delicious wine that evokes elegance and freshness. It has a relatively lower alcohol content than syrah.

Tip: Enjoy with vegetable or seafood appetizers, risotto, chicken inasal, or grilled fish.

“Wine makes daily life easierless hurried, with fewer tensions, and more tolerance.”

Benjamin Franklin

Cantine Ermes Marchese Montefusco Pinot Grigio
Cantine Ermes Marchese Montefusco Pinot Grigio

Pinot grigio is a light, crisp, dry, and citrusy white wine.

Cantine Ermes Marchese Montefusco Pinot Grigio has 12% alcohol content. Its pleasant flavor comes from pear and green apple. This is a truly refreshing white wine with a crisp, smooth finish.

Tip: Make your pasta dishes taste even more delicious by pairing with a chilled bottle of Cantine Ermes Marchese Montefusco Pinot Grigio. Avoid drinking with tomato-based recipes and citrus fruits.

Fazio Brusìo Rosato 750ml
Fazio Brusìo Rosato

Some hard-core wine aficionados tend to avoid drinking rosato wine. But many of them are starting to discover how pleasurable a good Italian rosato can be, especially during warm weather.

Fazio Brusìo Rosato is derived from a blend of native Italian red grapes. Rosato wine like this one doesn’t end up red because the grape skins are kept in contact with the grape juice only for a very short while. That’s why it’s low in tannin compared to red wines.

If you don’t like your wine to leave a drying sensation in your mouth, Fazio Brusìo Rosato should be on your radar.

Tip: Italian rosato is less cloying than its French cousin, rosé. Planning a pizza night with your best buds? Get a bottle of Fazio Brusìo Rosato and savor the joy this sophisticated, beautiful wine brings.

Wine is an exciting pursuit. Although it’s undoubtedly an enjoyable drink, it’s also a thrilling subject for discussion. With wine you not only enhance the flavors of the food on the table, you also have a conversation piece.

There’s no better way to enjoy a top-quality wine than with friends. Get these refreshing wines today at LuCa Italian Corner, a trusted Italian food supplier based in Cebu City, Philippines.