Start a Home Wine Collection

How Do You Start a Home Wine Collection?

How do you start a home wine collection when there are just too many varieties out there?  

Many Filipinos enjoy a good glass of wine, especially during specials occasions. But with so many different varieties and countries of origin, it can be challenging to pick wines for your home collection.  

So, here is your guide to starting your home wine collection today.  

Get a good wine fridge.  

Wine Fridge

The key to starting a good wine collection is getting yourself a mono-temperature wine fridge. A stable temperature is the secret to keeping the excellent taste of your wine collection. Keep the temperature steady between 45° F and 65°.  

Get the proper wine glasses.  

The quality of your wine matters, but the kind of glass you drink it with is just as important. So, make sure you have the right glasses. We recommend using hand-blown glasses because they enhance the flavor of the wine. Also, make sure that you match your glass with the types of wine in your collection. Red wine glasses are usually bigger than white wine glasses. If you plan to have sparkling wines in your home collection, make sure to get a tulip glass as well.  

Make sure it’s a balanced cellar.  

When starting a home wine collection, make sure you get wines that suit all kinds of occasions. You should have both white wines and red wines. Keep some young and mature wines as well. It’s also best to have everyday wine and prestige bottlings for special occasions.   

Here are some of the bottles we recommend when starting a home wine collection:  

White Wines  

Red Wines  

Sparkling Wines:  

Starting a home wine collection means you’ll always have wines within your reach. Once you find out which wines appeal to your taste, you will be able to pick and grow your collection without much difficulty. 

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